Sundered Skies Hardcore

The Wreck of the Raven


Grim was a young Drakin when his family first visited Heartland. He witnessed first hand the cruelty that the Elves show towards their Wildling slaves when he saw one “put down” just for talking back to an Elf. Later, when he was boarding his father’s ship, the Raven he saw an Elf sneaking a young WIldling girl onto the ship. When the Elf tried to leave the ship he was pursued by other Elves in Oakthorn armor and killed. Grim did not tell anyone of Morana (the stowaway) until they were far out into the void. His father, Brimstone, was furious that the child on-board would strain his business relations with the Elves. But he was unable to bring himself to turn the child back over to them. He allowed Grim to feed her and to set her up in his section of the house. But he always turned a blind eye to her existence and concentrated more on preparing Grim’s oldest brother, Rash, for taking a seat on the Trade Council one day. It was left to the middle brother Grealey to basically raise Grim and Morana.

Seven years ago the Raven with Grealey on-board was lost in a void storm and never seen again. Grim and Morana remember vividly the day Grealey sailed away wearing his distinctive black gloves with red dragons embroidered on them. They were extremely upset by the loss and the fact that Grim’s father did not seem to feel it very much. He just kept working towards preparing Rash for his place on the Trade Council.

Recently, an orc cloudskiff captain named Karr Luckfinder reported seeing the wreckage of the Raven on an uncharted island. Karr discovered the island when he had been driven off course in another storm and saved some of the earth from the island so that he could return. Grim’s father did not seem to care when he was told of the discovery and only reluctantly allowed Grim to hire Karr (with his own money) to take him and Morana to the wreckage. He even told Grim that he could keep anything he finds on that accursed ship.

Grim and Morana traveled to Gateway and boarded Karr’s ship the Chance. On board already is Ironmast, a Dwarven Engineer who was a young apprentice during the construction of the Raven. The Raven was a standard cargo frigate that was built under contract for Brimstone’s trade company by Ironmast’s clan many years ago. He has been contracted by Grim to assess the wreck of the Raven and see if anything is worth salvaging.

The group is surprised to find the Orc (Zack) aboard. Grim and Morana once saved his life from pirates several years ago and he is now a crew member of the Chance working for Grim.

The ship is just now setting sail and no one is quite sure just what they’ll find when they reach the wreck.



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