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The Ice Tower

The Ice Tower

Hawke asked the group to meet with a buisness partner of his named Skiller. The Phoenix will be ready to sail in about a week and Skiller wanted to hire it and the crew for a journey to the Draining Sea. He has already hired on the group’s old friend Kar Luckfinder and the Chance as well.

Skiller has a map to a place in the center of the Draining Sea that he believes is the ancient Ice Tower, a place created by the Battlelord and his Battlepriests (lead by the famous Orc priest Acerak) long ago and then abandoned. Skiller believes that untold wealth may be gained from the god touched relics left behind by the Battlelord.

Skiller’s plan is as follows; Phoenix will sail to the Draining Sea and moor up along the North East coast, where members of the Ice Bear clan will meet them. The orcs will portage the Chance across land—a distance of some 39 leagues, or about 100 miles—where she can be launched into the sea. Chance will allow the expedition to navigate the Ice Sea and approach the Tower. On the return, the orcs will escort the expedition back to the Phoenix.

The expedition is set to depart in a week. Accompanying the crews of the Phoenix and the Chance will be Skiller, Karag & Volrag (Orc brothers — Adventurers and friends of Skiller), Lean (Wildling Cat — hand servant for Skiller), and Eldeer (Elven Bard — performer to help stave off boredom and Glowmadness).

This was excerpts from Skiller’s tale…

Very few have heard the legend of the Ice Tower. Fewer have dared to seek it. None have returned! -Tales of The Draining Sea.

“Many years ago, I was trading in the Ice Isles amongst the orc tribes. I befriended one small tribe in particular, the Ice Claw, and became a member of the tribe. One day while I was absent, hunting for food on the Draining Sea with the tribal warriors, a rival clan attacked the tribe’s homeisle. Outnumbered and without many of their warriors, my adopted clan was slain.

“Returning to the camp, we found the massacre. Among the dead was their battlepriest, mortally wounded, but not yet dead. With his final words, he made me pledge to stop the returning warriors from seeking vengeance, as the attackers were too many. He asked me to take them to a neighboring island where they could join another clan. I promised to do as he asked, and he rewarded me with an old skin map.”

“I pondered long and hard on this map and the notes upon it. After many years, I encountered a songpriest who sang a tale of the Battlelord. In essence this tale related how the Battlelord resided within a tower of ice while he and his worshippers raised a permanent palace of iron hard ice. Once the palace was completed, the god abandoned the tower, never to return.

“I believe that this map shows both the Palace and the Ice Tower. The surrounding water is ice, melted by the Battlelord’s rage; the islands are composed of harder, glacial ice, like the tower and palace. I am looking for a few more hardy souls to accompany me to the Ice Tower. Within we may find relics touched by the god, himself; our fortune and our legends will be made. Are you with me?”



Aside from the normal gear a ship carries for ad hoc repairs and day-to-day living, the Phoenix will also carry these supplies being loaded by longshoremen from Hawke’s Clearing House:

  • 24 tree trunks (for rollers)
  • 30 barrels of skyler guts (to grease the rollers)
  • 8 ice axes (see below)
  • 20 blankets
  • 20 fur throws
  • 10 ceramic fl asks of oil
  • 10 sets of fl int and steel
  • 5 hooded lanterns (like a bull’s-eye lantern but with a hood that can be shut to keep the wind out)
  • 200 yards of rope in 20-yard lengths
  • 3 grappling hooks
  • 10 yards of sail cloth
  • 4 shovels
  • 4 picks
  • 20 sleeping canvases
  • 20 torches
  • 10 water skins
  • 10 sets of altitude attire (used by everyone who did not already have a set — but must be returned at voyage end)



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