Sundered Skies Hardcore

Setting Rules


Sundered Skies — Hard Core RPG Setting Rules

== At character creation no Skill or Attribute can be above a d8.

== No Background Edges may ever be taken after character creation.

== Important Knowledge Skills (* can be used as Dwarven Clan crafts):

  • Knowledge: Armorsmith*
  • Knowledge: Arcana
  • Knowledge: Astronomy (the study of island orbits and ability to navigate the void)
  • Knowledge: Brewing*
  • Knowledge: Carpentry*
  • Knowledge: Gunsmith*
  • Knowledge: History
  • Knowledge: Laws and Local Customs
  • Knowledge: Legends and Lore
  • Knowledge: Masonry*
  • Knowledge: Medicine
  • Knowledge: Mining*
  • Knowledge: Performance (choose comedy, singing, or acting — used to help ward off Glowmadness)
  • Knowledge: Shipwright* (skyship construction and repair)
  • Knowledge: Trade and Commerce* (for buying/selling a success reduces/increases the cost by 10%, a raise by 20%; also for appraising to determine accurate value with a success)
  • Knowledge: Weaponsmith*

== All players (not just priests) must choose a god from the book to follow and penalties for sins will be enforced.

== Leadership edges do NOT ever apply to players. (says so in Sundered Skies rules conversion for Deluxe Edition)

== No Mercy, Benny Headed, and Grittier Damage rules are in place.

== Players MUST role-play Persuasion, Intimidation, & Taunt rolls. GM will assign modifier based on how good the role-playing was.

== One Interlude will be done usually each week. The person doing the Interlude will be awarded a benny or an extra Adventure card (their choice) unless they really suck at it.

== Fudge Dice:

  • Roll 2df with any trait roll. Add result to normal result. In addition, if fudge dice result is +2 then an advantage is gained regardless of success/fail. If it is -2 then a disadvantage is incurred regardless of success/fail.
  • Fudge Dice are NOT re-rolled when trait roll is bennied.
  • One type of advantage/disadvantage or GM decision is to “lock” a Fudge Die to + or – on a future roll.
  • Crit fails can be bennied since the Fudge Dice effects cannot.
  • For an explanation of why see… here

== Subtract one from every re-roll on damage dice (so results graph is smoothed without the Fudge Dice).

== Armour Penalties:
For Fighting rolls, non-magical armour rating minus 2 is added as a penalty.
For Shooting, spell-casting, and Throwing rolls, non-magical armour rating minus 1 is added as a penalty.


  • Chain Mail (+2 non-magical armour) would give no modifier to Fighting rolls but -1 to other combat rolls.
  • 2 Plate Mail (3 non-magical armour and +2 magical bonus = +5 total armour) would give -1 to Fighting and -2 to all other combat rolls.

== Coin purses will be issued and money strictly enforced.

== Adventure cards:
Each player will be given ONE Adventure card per game session. In order to use one the player must also pay a benny.

== Drawing weapons and putting on armour rules will be strictly enforced. Weapons will be considered to be sheathed and helmets off when not in combat unless the player specifically says something prior to a combat or if there is a real reason why they might not. There is no such thing as “I always have my sword ready and my helmet on”. Also, local laws about carrying weapons or wearing armour in public will be enforced. Islands or individual establishments like taverns may not allow it.

== Backstories:
If Enemy hindrance or Connections edge is taken then they must be fleshed out with the GM.
Pick a common character type (pages 7-8 in book) and build your character and backstory around it. Detailed Backstories must be produced and provided to the GM. In addition, all players will be randomly assigned something on the chart below. GM will give details and the outcome must be built into the character’s backstory…

  1. Enemy (will kill)
  2. Rival (economic, family, etc…)
  3. Love Interest
  4. Interesting Friend
  5. Family Curse
  6. Family Heirloom (will be randomly generated by GM)

== Experience:
Players will be awarded two points per game they show up for, one point if there is a game they miss, and one player will be voted on each week to be awarded a bonus XP for role playing.



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